LSK project "Get connected with Arwa"

We invite refugee women aged 20 to 55 years with a German language level from A2 to participate for free in our project "Get connected with Arwa"!

Our trainer Arwa will help the participants to learn basic computer skills, the Internet and Word processing 2007.

We start on Tuesday, 19/06/2018 at 10:00 a.m. in the
FrauenTechnikZentrum Berlin e. V.,

Zum Hechtgraben 1, 13051 Berlin.


Child care is provided!

We look forward to your registration by phone at 030 9298116 or by mail!

Course languages: German, English, Arabic

Course content:


  • The Get Connected course, also available in English, provides an introduction to the digital world, where networks are the foundation for connecting people and things together. The course helps to understand how computers can be used and connected to the Internet.
  • Imparting knowledge of word processing
    A subsequent Word course creates the prerequisites for the next step in writing papers and application documents for internships, training or job offers.

  • Workshops
    Five further 3-hour workshops provide information on the training and employment market in Germany and help to get to know one's own strengths and social skills better


29/05/2018 - 18/12/2018

every Tuesday from 10:00 a.m. to 12:30 a.m.

  • Part 1
    29/05/2018 - 04/09/2018
    "Get Connected" course by the Cisco Networking Academy
  • Part 2
    11/09/2018 - 18/12/2018
    Introduction to Word processing
  • Part 3

Course Instructor:

Foto: Heike Steinweg

Arwa Almoadhen
phone  030 9298116

Further Information:

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